The Kalo Difference

Hemp infused seltzer that makes you feel good, and tastes great. Naturally.

Homegrown hemp means high-scale happiness. We make sure every natural benefit that makes you feel your best is fully harvested from seed to bottle.
Fast doesn’t mean worse. Kaló’s clean ingredients are water soluble, which means feeling great takes only as long as your first sip.
You give 100% of yourself to everything you do. So we gave 100% of the best, cleanest, ingredients to Kaló. Feel the benefits, feel happy, feel you.

Handcrafted from farm to feeling.

Water solubility means feeling your best as fast as possible without sacrificing taste.

A proprietary extraction process that leaves no benefits of full hemp plants out of our cans.

5 clean ingredients, 15 Calories, 2 Carbs per can, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Minerals

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Pomegranate Peach

Lemon Lavender

Strawberry Watermelon

Raspberry Lime

Our Story

We care about how you feel. Because feeling good is what life is all about. No matter what you do. From our seeds on our family farm, all the way to this can of happiness, we manage every step of our process to make sure the feeling you get from each sip is just pure happiness. We carefully select our seeds and use a patented extraction process to infuse every Kaló with full spectrum hemp and naturally occurring cannabinoids. The secret to happiness isn’t a secret anymore, because our secret is now for everyone. Be happy, and live your best life. Never change. This is Kaló.

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